"I am truly humbled and honored to have received  these testimonials from my clients. I truly love what I do and have always felt I was meant to be a Physical therapist and in a caring profession.  There is no better reward than knowing my clients/patients feel successful and satisfied and that I have touched their lives in such a positive way through my program.  Thank you all for your kind words." 
Nadine Adams-mother of 2 
Erin LaMonte-mother of 2
reviewed Diastasis-Restore Your Core REHAB — 5 star
January 14
"As a cage fighter and mother of two, my body needs to operate at 100%, 100% of the time! After having my second c-section, and learning about the diastasis, I was convinced I would never fight again. My stomach was so weak and damaged, I thought I would never be able to mend it to reach the high expectations that I must meet as a fighter. My job and passion seemed to be taken away from me just like that. After asking around and hearing dozens of great reviews from friends, I visited Nadine and started personal lessons right away! Nadine was so informative and helped me not only understand the issue but helped me learn how to mend and control my core during workouts and during my daily routines. Nadine was able to tailor the program to fit my specific fitness goals and needs. She even did her research on fighting so we could use some of the positions and body mechanics that we use in fighting in our rehab sessions. Amazing!! Being a high level athlete and trainer, I thought I knew what to do. (Boy was I wrong!) Nadine taught me things I had never even heard of, including emerging studies and practices that only proves her commitment and passion that she has for her clients!!
I have had numerous physical therapists in my life for various injuries, however Nadine was like no other! She single handedly renewed my faith in physical therapist! The communication, "homework," and overall feeling of compassion towards my wellbeing was apparent from the beginning. Without being overly longwinded, I must say thank you again so much to Nadine!! I truly thought I would never work (coach/trainer) or fight again. Not only am I back to teaching classes but I am in competition shape and will be fighting again very soon! Words cannot express the true gratitude I have towards Nadine for all that she has done for me and my family! "

Rebecca McCauley-mother of 2
reviewed Diastasis-Restore Your Core REHAB — 5 star
November 14 · 
"I cannot say enough good things! Nadine is amazing - informative, professional, knowledgeable, and a great teacher! I learned so much from our private sessions and the class. And the results are real! Not only did I feel stronger, but I looked fitter, and my abs were back in working order (no more of the three months pregnant with bloat look). It's been rejuvenating getting my body back after three c-sections. Thank you Nadine and P3!"

Gina Dow- mother of 4
"The Restore Your Core REHAB™ Program with Nadine Adams has been incredible. From Day 1, I was impressed with Nadine’s thorough knowledge of diastasis recti. After having four children, I knew something was not quite right with my core. Neither doctors nor nurses nor midwives seemed to acknowledge my condition and I felt frustrated that there was nothing I could do about it.
 I had back pain and constantly looked like I was four months pregnant. 
 I found a DVD program and purchased that to help me heal the diastasis, but it was unsuccessful. I didn’t have an expert to confirm I was doing exercises correctly or adjust my movements to improve the outcome. I also didn’t have any accountability or explanation of the process; what NOT to do, how it worked, how long it would take for me. Nadine’s 6-week program helped me slowly build u my core strength and minimize my abdominal separation. Her expertise and hands-on instruction were so critical.
I highly recommend Nadine Adams to anyone who has a diastasis."

Kristen Crowley-mother of 3
"At my 6 week post partum visit my OB told me I had Diastasis Recti. This was my third baby (and C-section) and I had never heard of it before. I googled DR, read anything I could find, watched you tube and ordered a DVD off amazon promising to correct it. Sadly, none of this worked. My muscles were so weak that it was difficult for me to try to contract my transverse. I was also worried that I might further injure myself since I had no idea if I was even doing the exercises correctly. I was overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted with my three kids….. and then I met Nadine!
She assured me that my DR could be corrected and that her program would work. Not only did I want to look and feel better and have my clothes fit again, but as a nurse, I wanted to make sure I didn’t injure myself when I went back to work.
From the beginning Nadine talks about how all of the exercises in her program are a “progression” and this is so true! Each week the exercises build on the previous week and you can feel your core muscles getting stronger. While her class is a small group, it has the feel of individual training. Nadine continually walks around to check each woman to make sure each exercise is done correctly. She has a plan for every week, but always gave a challenge and a modification if needed. Nadine is so knowledgeable about DR and passionate about helping women get a handle on how to manage DR. Even after the 6 week class was over, her frequent Facebook posts remind me to keep doing my exercises. I am so grateful to have met Nadine and have done her P3 Program.
My DR is almost closed, my clothes fit again, I am not worried about injury when at work or when running after my kids. Thank you Nadine!!!"

Carilyn Tately Cannon -mother of 4
reviewed Diastasis-Restore Your Core REHAB — 5 star
May 31 · 
"I had a Diastasis Recti from carrying twins and am SO grateful to have found this program. It was challenging to find the right help, but in just the first me eting with Nadine she provided so much information and education on small changes to make to daily life and it instantly took away the pain I had been suffering from for almost a year since the babies were born. The results from the REHAB program are faster than I expected - in just the first few weeks I've made major progress towards closing my separation and can feel the strength I'm regaining in my core. The classes are fun and Nadine provides individual feedback while keeping the whole class productive. I cannot recommend this program enough."

Meghan Keating -mother of 5
reviewed Diastasis-Restore Your Core REHAB — 5 star
May 16 · 
"After 5 babies in 7 years including full term twins my core was a mess. I had done physical therapy, other online programs after my second and third pregnancy with twins. I can honestly say my best recovery so far has been after I had my fifth child because of Nadine's program. I knew a lot about diastasis recti and what to do and not to do but I needed the one on one and feedback. It made all the difference. She's wonderful! Highly recommended!"

Amanda Beth-mother of 2
 reviewed Diastasis-Restore Your Core REHAB — 5 star
October 10, 2016 · 
"Last March at the Natural infant expo I met Nadine Adams . At the time I was 7 months pregnant and she was offering free screenings for diastasis Recti. Long and behold I had a 3 cm separation already! I had noticed the "shark fin"  prior to my screening but had never known what it was. This was my second child so I just thought it was my pregnant belly as I never had Diastasis Recti with my first. With the help of Nadine during pregnancy I was able to maintain the separation. Following the birth of my child I took Nadine's restore your core rehab class at the end of 6 weeks I was able to close my Diastasis. I highly recommend getting screened as many of us aren't aware of Diastasis and the effects it has on our bodies. Nadine truly loves what she does and cares about helping us women. I can't not say enough good things about Nadine Adams and her program! She was so flexible and understanding of my busy schedule and willing to work around my schedule."

Hannah Gardener-mother of 2
"A couple months ago I posted on here about my diastasis recti, and my desire to find a physical therapist to help me fix it. A few of you recommended Nadine Beshere Adams. I just want to report back about how awesome her program is, and how grateful I am for your advice. It was a hike from where i live in Westwood, but so worth it. In 6 weeks she helped me basically eliminate my DR. Her group size was perfect, and the progression of exercises was a perfect pace. I highly recommend seeing her if you suspect that you may have a DR, and doing her class!!"

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