Restore Your Core REHAB Program™
Participants will learn how to correctly contract their deep core and pelvic floor muscles that help stabilize the pelvis and spine and effectively pull on the connective tissue and help close the separation.   To promote further healing participants will be taught how to control intra abdominal pressure and  how to retrain the recruitment of the other muscles surrounding the pelvis and spine to build a strong and functional core.
Prevention and management techniques to protect the connective tissue and for continued healing 
and help keep the separation closed.  
The program teaches the Do's and Don'ts to prevent worsening of the separation.
Provides you with a list of exercises safe to do in the presence of a Diastasis to help keep you moving.

The exercises taught have been Clinically proven to close the separation.
Functional Core and Pelvic floor strengthening exercises to help maintain the closure of your diastasis 
and re train your deepest core muscles.
Education on how to manage your diastasis during all Activities of Daily Living to prevent worsening of the separation. 
Weekly handouts, texts reminders, check ins and ongoing email support provided during the program

Secret Facebook group to ask questions, watch educational videos and bonus workouts and have accountability to keep you focussed.
Recommendations for Splinting the separation, corrective exercises for alignment and muscle re education techniques are taught.

Kinesiotaping for more specific neuromusclular re education .
Measurements are taken Pre program, mid point and at the end of the program of the diastasis and protrusion of the belly. 

A Free Follow up session with your instructor is included up to 3 months past intial programming to help keep your diastasis closed.

Restore Your Core AMORE
8 WEEK Advanced style workout exclusive for graduates of the Restore Your Core REHAB™ program. This class combines all the basic core concepts into a circuit style workout incorporating cardiovascular conditioning, functional strength training and advanced Core exercises to help return to doing more challenging styles of exercise and fitness safely.

Manual/Physical Therapy Services
Further services to address any musculoskeletal changes that can occur during pregnancy, labor and delivery, lower back/pelvic pain, stress and urge incontinence, and other womens health issues related to Diastasis Recti.

On average in a sample size of 80 women 2.38 inches were lost around the belly 
separation decreased 1.5 finger widths at 3 points in the length of the separation in the Restore Your Core REHAB™ program.

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