FREE Screening and Assessment included with all programs


Restore Your Core REHAB™ Program options


Small Groups

  6-8 participants, 6 one hour sessions ($165)*



 (6) 60 minute sessions ($215) * 


Individual Training

  (6) 60 minute one on one sessions ($258) * 


Prenatal program

(3) 60 minute one on one sessions $150

(6) 60 minute one on one sessions $258 *

  • focus on safe exercises to do while pregnant and preparation for labor
  • diastasis management and treatment program during pregnancy
  • splinting/kinesiotaping techniques for prevention                                                                                                                                   

Restore Your Core Amore Workout

$115 or drop in $20/class * 8 week session


Follow up Free rescreen included up to 3 months after completion of the program to track your progress and advance as needed.




Educational Workshops


P3 Fitness now offering Educational Seminars: 

"Core Rehabilitation in the Presence of an Abdominal separation" with focus on Diastasis recti treatment and managment.


Please contact us if interested in Hosting a Workshop.


Manual Physical Therapy Services 

Offered to clients of the program to assist in healing and address low back/pelvic pain, stress and urge incontinence and any musculoskeletal changes that can occur during pregnancy and labor and any other issues associated with Diastasis Recti. 

Inculding but not limited to:

C-section scar mobilization and education on self massage.

Assessment and treatment of Spine and Pelvic girdle alignment and restrictions using various Physical and manual therapy techniques.


Coming in 2018: 

Workshops for my current students on Positional and myofascial release therapy and use of foam roll, fascial release balls and other tools to help lessen restrictions that can limit proper alignment and neuromuscular re education of the muscles.  



Class Times:

Restore Your Core REHAB™

SATURDAYS AT 9 AM at the Hanover Boys Club 

FRIDAYS 10:30 AM at Hanover Fitness and Training-Childcare Available


Restore Your Core Amore

FRIDAYS 9:30 AM at Hanover Fitness and Training- Childcare Available           

Individual and Duet sessions- by appointment

Optional IN HOME visits available by appointment * 


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*pricing subject to change at any time. Services are non-refundable and expire 6 months from date of purchase.  One 45 make up session offered in 6 week small group training class, 24 hour cancellation policy, In home visits offered to surrounding south shore towns and subject to a travel fee.


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Educational Workshops on Core Rehabilitation in the presence of an abdominal separation

register at

upcoming dates Tuesday 12/19/17    7-8PM


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