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  • Prenatal and Post partum treatment and management programs offered.


  • In the Restore Your Core REHAB Program™ you will be taught by a Licensed Physical Therapist how to correctly contract your 4 deep core muscles to effectively pull on the linea alba/connective tissue and help close the separation and prevention and management techniques to keep it closed.


  • The program teaches the Do's and Don'ts to prevent worsening of the separation.


  • Provides you with a list of exercises safe to do in the presence of a Diastasis.


  • The exercises taught have been Clinically proven to close the separation.


  • Functional core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises to help maintain the closure of your diastasis and re train your deepest core muscles.


  • Education on how to manage your diastasis during all Activities of Daily Living to prevent worsening of the separation. 


  • Weekly handouts, texts reminders, check ins and ongoing email support provided during the program


  • Secret Facebook group to ask questions, watch educational videos and bonus workouts and have accountability to keep you focussed.


  • Recommendations for Splinting the separation, corrective exercises for alignment and muscle re education techniques are taught.


  • Kinesiotaping for more specific neuromusclular re education .


  • Measurements are taken Pre program, mid point and at the end of the program of the diastasis and protrusion of the belly. 


  • A Free Follow up session with your instructor is included up to 3 months past intial programming to help keep your diastasis closed.


**New in 2017:  Restore Your Core Amore

An Advanced style workout exclusive for graduates of the Restore Your Core REHAB™ program.  This class combines all the basic core concepts into a circuit style workout and advancing past the basic progressions to help return to doing more challenging exercises safely.


Manual/Physical Therapy Services to help address any musculoskeletal changes that can occur during pregnancy, labor and delivery, low back/pelvic pain, stress and urge incontinence, and other womens health issues related to Diastasis Recti.



  • On average in a sample size of 80 women 2.38 inches were lost around the belly 
  • separation decreased 1.5 finger widths at 3 points in the length of the separation in the Restore Your Core REHAB™ program.




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