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Nadine Adams, MSPT


   Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Fitness Specialist, and Pilates Instructor


  • Bachelors of Health Science, Simmons College 1990
  • Entry Level Masters degree in Physical Therapy, Simmons College 1992
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor & Personal trainer for 30 years
  • Teaching Pilates and Pre/Post natal fitness for over a decade                               
  • Clinical Experience ranging from acute care hospital, short term rehabs, long term care, outpatient orthopedic clinics, hospital based wellness centers, home care and private practice                       
  • Specializing in Diastasis Recti training programs for 7 years


 Current Faculty Member for Fitness Education Network, Inc

  • Providing Continuing Education programs to Fitness Professionals and currently teaching Kinesiology courses in their Yoga Certification program.


Nadine suffered a Diastasis Recti during her 2nd pregnancy and since then has been passionate about educating and helping others with this condition.

She has researched and taught many other woman how to prevent, manage and treat this very commom and frequently missed complication during pregnancy. She is continually taking courses on Womans Health and keeps herself abreast on the current research and combines her experience in the Healthcare and Fitness industries to offer a holistic, well rounded approach to care for her clients.


 Fitness and Therapy Related Certifications and Trainings


Functional Pelvic Floor Training for Weakness, Pain and Dysfunction

Stabilizing the Core & SI Joint: A Manual Therapy Approach

AFAA Prenatal Fitness Certification

Pre and Postnatal Pilates Training

Evolve Barre Certification

Pilates Mat FRA Level I and II Certification

Pilates Aero Reformer SCW Certification

FRA Group Fitness Trainer Certification

AFAA Advanced Personal Trainer Certification

AFAA Primary Aerobic Certification

AFAA Weight Training Certification

Mad Dog Athletics Spinning Certification

Mossa Group Ride and R30 Certification

IWA Strength Training Specialist, Program design for Physical Therapist Certification

IWA Senior Fitness Certification

Resist-a-ball Level I and II Certification

Health Care Provider American Heart CPR Certified





The Restore Your Core REHAB Program with Nadine Adams has been incredible.  From Day 1 I was impressed with Nadine’s thorough knowledge of diastasis recti.  After having four children, I knew something was not quite right with my core. Neither doctors nor nurses nor midwives seemed to acknowledge my condition and I felt frustrated that there was nothing I could do about it.  I had back pain and constantly looked like I was four months pregnant.  I found a DVD program and purchased that to help me heal the diastasis, but it was unsuccessful.  I didn’t have an expert to confirm I was doing exercises correctly or adjust my movements to improve the outcome.  I also didn’t have any accountability or explanation of the process; what NOT to do, how it worked, how long it would take for me.  Nadine’s 6-week program helped me slowly build u my core strength and minimize my abdominal separation.  Her expertise and hands-on instruction were so critical.  I highly recommend Nadine Adams to anyone who has a diastasis.-Gina Dow


A couple months ago I posted on here about my diastasis recti, and my desire to find a physical therapist to help me fix it. A few of you recommended Nadine Beshere Adams. I just want to report back about how awesome her program is, and how grateful I am for your advice. It was a hike from where i live in westwood, but so worth it. In 6 weeks she helped me basically eliminate my DR. Her group size was perfect, and the progression of exercises was a perfect pace. I highly recommend seeing her if you suspect that you may have a DR, and doing her class!!




At my 6 week post partum visit my OB told me I had Diastasis Recti. This was my third baby (and C-section) and I had never heard of it before. I googled DR, read anything I could find, watched you tube and ordered a DVD off amazon promising to correct it. Sadly, none of this worked. My muscles were so weak that it was difficult for me to try to contract my transverse. I was also worried that I might further injure myself since I had no idea if I was even doing the exercises correctly. I was overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted with my three kids….. and then I met Nadine!

She assured me that my DR could be corrected and that her program would work. Not only did I want to look and feel better and have my clothes fit again, but as a nurse, I wanted to make sure I didn’t injure myself when I went back to work.

From the beginning Nadine talks about how all of the exercises in her program are a “progression” and this is so true! Each week the exercises build on the previous week and you can feel your core muscles getting stronger. While her class is a small group, it has the feel of individual training. Nadine continually walks around to check each woman to make sure each exercise is done correctly. She has a plan for every week, but always gave a challenge and a modification if needed. Nadine is so knowledgeable about DR and passionate about helping women get a handle on how to manage DR. Even after the 6 week class was over, her frequent Facebook posts remind me to keep doing my exercises. I am so grateful to have met Nadine and have done her P3 Program.

My DR is almost closed, my clothes fit again, I am not worried about injury when at work or when running after my kids.  Thank you Nadine!!!





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